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by Danny Buchman on Keele Street Collision
services-repairs-cost dealingn

Going to look after your issues/problems/repairs; is a pleasure at "Keele Street Collision".
Staff a pleasure to deal with.
Cost=Fair pricing
I have been dealing with them for over ten years.
They stand behind there work. Very honourable.

by angela kang on Keele Street Collision
awesome service

both my husband and I had major accidents within 18 months of each other. they fixed my husband's Porsche so it was like new and my car was totalled. they dealt with insurance efficiently, very helpful with tips to deal with the insurance company, friendly in person and on the phone. Hope we do not have to deal with them again BUT if another accident, this is the only place we would go!!!

by Jennifer Gould on Keele Street Collision

Excellent service and very skilled technicians. My vehicle was fixed as promised and the customer service was excellent. It's very upsetting to get into an accident and damage your vehicle, but the staff was very experienced and reassuring. I highly recommend Keele Street Collision.

by Teresa Robertson on Keele Street Collision

When I smashed up my Honda Civic I was so worried as I was leasing the vehicle. KSC assured me the work was guaranteed so that I would pass my lease return. They even arranged for the lease return inspection to occur right at the shop! It passed inspection with no problem and I had no additional costs. The staff and service was great from beginning to end! Hope I never have another accident but if I do I would only go back to Keele Street Collision.

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